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Luup is a workplace app designed for hybrid organizations.

Ditch the traditional 9-5 office experience and go hybrid with Luup. Share your hybrid work schedule, stay in the luup with your teammates, and get recommendations on the best days to head into the office.

Great for Your Business

Luup gives you the tools to empower your team to work from anywhere and the insights to build your business.
Boost productivity by letting your team decide when they need real-time, in-person collaboration or the space for deep, uninterrupted work.
Create a workplace with happier, more engaged employees and a culture of trust and autonomy by simply allowing your team to manage where they work.
Understand what brings your team back together and invest in the space and tools that enhance this experience.
Recruit and retain top talent by offering your team flexibility and a safe space to come together when, where, and how it makes sense.
A collage from the Luup mobile app featuring Today’s Workspaces screen, admin pulse widget, and office usage widget.
A collage from the Luup mobile app featuring the HQ screen, an example text message, and the following widget.

Great for Your Team

Luup makes it easy to go from jamming on marketing copy at home in your PJs to standing at the whiteboard surrounded by your team.
Create your perfect hybrid work schedule by setting a weekly routine that fits your work style and energy cycle. When you need to make a change, it's a simple swipe to update your work location.
With a simple tap, you'll know who is working from home, the office, or on PTO — making it easy to find intentional moments to come together again.
Luup keeps you connected to your peers and even creates new connections with team members who share your interests.
Luup offers curated suggestions to find days with the perfect combo of happiness and productivity.